MSAS offers a comprehensive range of services which will provide you with everything you need accounts-wise. What is even better is that you don’t have to pick and choose which services you need, they are all included in our range of packages!

If you sign up to MSAS then you will never have to worry about your bookkeeping again. We will not ask you to use accounting software or maintain your own spreadsheets to record your transactions. All we ask is that you put all of your paperwork into a envelope every month and send it in to us. We also have a pickup service if preferred. We will do the rest! We will record all of your receipts and invoices under the correct headings and send your paperwork back to you in a matter of days - complete with your management accounts. Why spend your time and money on complicated accounts or bookkeeping software when we will do it all for you?

VAT Returns
We also offer packages if you have to complete VAT returns. MSAS do your bookkeeping monthly so there is no big panic when that VAT return is due. We know how quickly time can seem to pass and how those returns can sneak up on you! If you are VAT registered, we can do your VAT returns. We can also help and advise you on VAT registration, de-registration and other VAT matters. Your VAT returns will be covered in your monthly price so you don't have to worry about extra bills every quarter.

Taking on a member of staff is an exciting progression for your business but the rules and regulations that go along with paying them can be a nightmare. MSAS can take the headache out of your payroll for you by producing weekly or monthly payroll reports on how much to pay your staff and HMRC, producing pay slips, and submitting your end of year payroll returns.

If you are a limited company and signed up to our accounting package you will get up to 5 monthly pay slips included in the price.

Monthly Management Accounts
Our packages provide you with monthly management accounts without the hassle and time of you having to input your data into a software package to get useful management information. Your monthly management accounts will include a profit and loss account showing the current month and year to date figures, a balance sheet (if applicable), and detailed ledger listings detailing how much you have spent and on what each month. Our clients have found that monthly management accounts have enabled them to see an up to-date view of their business. They can see the areas that they have over or under spent, look at their profit to date, and most importantly take a look at how much profit there is to pay tax on. Management accounts are especially important if you are a company Director that takes dividends from the company. For a dividend to be legal there must be retained profit after corporation tax, and the only way to know that is to have accounts that can tell you!

Year End Accounts & Tax
If you have been using our monthly service then producing your Year End Accounts is a quick and painless process! Once we have had your twelfth envelope we will contact you with any final queries and produce your Year End Accounts as soon as possible. We don't believe in leaving anything to the last minute; we think that you should have your Year End Accounts a matter of weeks into the new year, not just a couple of weeks before they are due. Preparing your Year End Accounts in a timely manner means that you know how much tax you may have to pay months in advance of when it is due. It also means that you can start focusing on the current financial year and not have to think back and answer questions about a transaction that may have happened over a year ago.

Corporation Tax Return
Let us take care of your tax while you take care of your business! If you run a limited company then it is likely that you will have to complete a corporation tax return. There are significant penalties for the late filing of corporation tax returns and knowing the various rules can be tricky to say the least. Signing up for our service ensures that your corporation tax return and computations are taken care of; meaning you can concentrate on running your business.

Self Assessment Tax Return
Don't leave it to the last minute to do your self assessment tax return! If you leave it until the end of January every year to do your tax return then you need MSAS. Signing up for one of our accountancy packages will mean that you never have to worry about the self assessment deadline again.